Wednesday, January 16, 2008

three words...

Well, I'm pleased to say that today has been a GOOD day. My computer is (touch wood) behaving itself, so I've actually been able to get on with my work. Have finished some upholstery colourways for Melin Tregwnt further to some research and development work I did for them last year. Excitingly, these fabrics should find their way to the Milan Furniture Fair this coming April... will keep you posted.

Had a great email today from Ann Sutton regarding her new website FlukeLuck - please do check it out. I'm sure all you creatives out there have had times where you feel a little brain dead and in need of some inspiration to get the ideas flowing again. This game aims to help you over that stumbling block and spark new ideas from three randomly generated words. Well, they're not completely random - they are carefully selected depending on whether you state that you're an artist, designer, architect, musician, writer, or cook. You can then share the work generated from these three words on the website.

Tomorrow I'm going to be back at the loom pondering:

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