Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fancy new logo!

Have had a little re-jig of my blog.... now its complete with my lovely new logo courtesy of the boys at Kutchibok Design. They are just finishing off my website redesign and hopefully you'll be able to view that by the weekend..... very exciting.

Have had a particularly rubbish few days - I appear to be jinxed. My computer slowed to a near standstill by the weekend, so my long suffering boyfriend had to clear everything off the hard drive and reinstall all my software which inevitably has meant there's been lots of glitches getting working again. Unrelated to that, my monitor has died, and my printer is behaving like a diva - only working when it feels like it, without rhyme or reason.

And then thanks to all this lovely rain, I've discovered a leak in my home office window which has soaked all the bits'n'bobs I'd stacked there. Bob the builder (yes, he really is called Bob!) is coming tomorrow to hopefully solve the problem....

Hopefully in my next post I can tell that I've actually started doing some long over-due weaving, rather than just regaling you with my tales of woe!

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