Monday, January 23, 2012

Latest work in the new studio.....

Well, I had a wonderful open studio weekend! Lots of people came to see my new studio - so many I didn't get a chance to actually demonstrate weaving on Saturday as planned! However, an early start today meant I got some cloth woven before the doors opened, so there was something for today's visitors to see on the loom!

I also include a few iphone shots of the studio for your interest. I weave by hand on a 24 shaft AVL floor loom, which I operate using the WeaveMaker software. I'm based in The Model House Craft and Design Centre is in the historic town of Llantrisant. There is a wonderful shop and florist on the ground floor, and then around 20 artists / makers / graphic designers based in the workshops on the three floors above. Its open to the public 10-5pm Tues-Sat and 11-4 on Sundays. I'm not there every day as work often takes me all over the country, so if you want to visit the studio, drop me a line before making a special visit to ensure I'll be there.

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