Saturday, August 10, 2013

Arts & Business Cymru Awards

Photo: Carrick Creative 2013

Earlier this year, I was really honoured to have been given the significant commission to design and produce the 2013 Arts & Business Cymru Awards. Presented last month to notable businesses and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the cultural landscape in Wales, the awards have been designed to incorporate the A&B corporate colours. Using my trademark technique of seemingly loose threads cast in acrylic resin, these pieces have an added extra: light reflective thread. When light hits the threads, you get a wonderful flash of light in the same way as light hitting safety clothing at night.

Many thanks to Carrick Creative for these photographs, Arts & Business Cymru for the commission and huge congratulations to all the winners.

Photo: Carrick Creative 2013

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Ruth McLees said...

They are beautiful! Well done Laura!