Wednesday, July 13, 2011

START education project exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre

You might remember a blog earlier this year where I wrote about an education project I'd been involved in at Ruthin Craft Centre. Well the fruits of the project which involved over 300 children responding to exhibitions and working with lots of different makers, has now gone on display at Ruthin Craft Centre.  Many thanks to Elen Bonner the RCC Education Officer, for designing a brilliant project which I'm sure has had a profoundly inspiring effect on the children.  I haven't yet seen the show, but Elen sent through the following pictures, and I think she has done a fantastic job displaying the work.

The woven samples en masse

Lots of wonderful woven samples with name tags
The info about my part of the project inspired by the Anni Albers exhibition

View of the complete exhibition with work made under the guidance of other makers

Work made under the guidance of Louise Bird
Work made under the guidance of Sarah Kelly (Saloukee)

And work made with Cathy Miles

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Donatella said...

I wish I could see the exhibition, that wall of samples is absolutely fantastic, I'm sure the kids had a great time weaving!