Sunday, February 13, 2011

warp+weft exhibition at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff

To and Fro by Ainsley Hillard

Ann Sutton

Hiroko Takeda
X-Ray Deress by Kathy Schicker on wall, various structures by Ann Sutton in cabinet, and White Sac by Priti Vega on plinth

Hiroko Takeda in foreground, Nuno in background


Maelstrom by Lucy McMullen, loaned by ASF Shetland

Ann Richards

Kase by Nuno on right, Arc by Laura Thomas on plinth

Arc by moi

Ismini Samanidou & Gary Allson

Gallery shot

Neckpieces by Makeba Lewis

Monoliths by Ptolemy Mann

Sue Hiley Harris and Ainsley Hillard

Light Flow by Priti Vega on wall

Gallery shot

Monoliths by Ptolemy Mann in foreground

Sue Hiley Harris

Thought I'd share with you some exhibition shots of the warp+weft exhibition in its latest venue - Craft in the Bay in Cardiff. It was wonderful to hang the show in such a different venue to Oriel Myrddin. The exhibition was able to take on a new dynamic, with different visual links between work. I was also able to add the fantastic Maelstrom  by Lucy McMullen, generously loaned by ASF Shetland. 

The exhibition closes at Craft in Bay on the 20th Feb, so you've just got a week to catch it before it moves on to its next venue, Smith's Row in Bury St Edmunds.

As part of the accompanying programme of warp+weft related events at Craft in the Bay, Dr Keireine Canavan will be giving a talk on Bedouin Al Sadu weaving in Kuwait on Saturday 19th Feb at 11am. £3 donation towards Craft in the Bay education projects. Booking essential.


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