Friday, May 15, 2009

Ruthin Craft Centre shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize

The Ruthin Craft Centre has been short-listed for The Art Fund Prize for museums and galleries 2009.

The Art Fund Prize of £100,000 is the largest single arts prize in the UK and recognises and rewards the best new development of the previous calendar year in a museum or gallery, large or small, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

On Front Row Lord Puttnam said, "Ruthin Craft Centre is a lovely surprise, everyone who'd been there was knocked sideways by it, and it got four votes very quickly. It is run by people with amazing commitment and a historical commitment to arts in North Wales – the thing's got it all actually – it is the sort of thing you would like to see replicated in every single region and community in the Country".

There are 4 galleries short-listed and this year one of the eight votes to judge the winner of the Prize will come from the public.

The winner of this People's Choice will count as the eighth vote when the panel of seven judges make their decision on the winner in June.

Please visit The Guardian website and give your support to Ruthin Craft Centre. It really is remarkable gallery for Wales and the UK as a whole to be proud of. Exhibitions of the highest quality are complimented by exceptional publications in a remarkable architectural space. Its true I may be a little biased, but I really do think that it would be an well deserved accolade for the Ruthin team and the contemporary craft sector in general.

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