Thursday, April 3, 2008

busy busy busy.....

I need to apologise first for not keeping very up date with my blogging activity.... have been so busy recently, I even had to miss out on my Easter break.... get the violins out eh?!

So what's been keeping me occupied?
Primarily, it has been the very exciting commission to 'respond to the Iron Trials in the World Heritage Site centred around Blaenavon in the South Wales Valleys, and to make initial proposals for public art ideas'. There was huge time pressure to get this work done, hence no Easter respite. This is an extremely new way for me to think about my work, but obviously an amazing opportunity to start thinking about translating my artworks to become applicable for the outdoor environment.
I came up with several proposals focusing on two sites - 'The Gap' on Broad Street in Blaenavon, and the Garn Lakes just outside the town. The two images show my very basic digital simulations for two of the ideas. At this point in the commission process, it was about demonstrating the way I would plan to tackle the project, the likely aesthetics, materials and processes.
Both the images show a development of my 'Loose Threads' acrylic encapsulated process - by Garn Lake it would be a large block with the threads echoing the contours of the land behind - surreal window or doorway into the landscape. In 'The Gap', a continuous panel would stretch around the three walls, which would be dramatically back lit to enhance the colour. This would be complimented by central stone seating which would incorporate glass inserts to make a visual link to the wall panels.
The presentation was given last Friday to a packed room of all the interested parties, from the Arts Council, local Council, residents, landscape architects etc. Perhaps one of my most nerve racking experiences! Nevertheless, my ideas seemed to generate a lot interest, and so hopefully something will be selected to move forward with.
Aside from that commission, amongst many other things, I have been finalising my 'Woven Structure' chapter for a book entitled Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology to be published by Woodhead - date tbc. Also I am busily preparing for the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate which opens this Sunday. Hope to perhaps see you there!

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