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Flourish: Continuing Professional Development for craftspeople’ at Craft in the Bay.

Below are the details of the final 3 professional development workshops and seminars for crafts that I've organised for Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. Hope to see you at one (or more) of the events....

Make craft pay! Jules Mallory Skinner

30th May 2012, 11-4.30pm

Jules Mallory Skinner will present a one day workshop covering all aspects of managing a sustainable craft business. He will present ideas and methodologies for creating a sales package; creating sales platforms and relationships; market research; targeting key customers; pitching via the phone or in person; pricing; closing deals and getting paid; range building; and online sales as well as in person sales.  Be prepared for an energetic and inspiring day which will ask you the hard questions about your business and leave you full of ideas for moving forward.

Jules Mallory Skinner has been actively engaged in the Cultural Industries as a creative practitioner and entrepreneur since 1977 and as a creative industries educator and mentor since 1983 when he started an innovative advisory service for musicians and creative entrepreneurs in London. He set up Creative Enterprise Consulting in 1994 becoming an independent advisor to creative businesses, universities, colleges, professional associations and industry initiatives working in this capacity alongside his own creative and business projects to the present day.

Jules will also be joined by Tom Beardshaw who is a social media expert and who owns Native HQ based in Cardiff.

Cost: £55 for non members, £49.50 for members and friends of the Makers Guild in Wales

NB: lunch is not included, but there is an on-site cafe where you can buy food and drinks should you wish. 

 To book, please phone Craft in the Bay on 02920 484 611

‘Thinking Big – exploring the opportunities for craft in public art’

15th June 2012, 1-5.15pm

Are you curious to find out more about how you could scale up your craft practice to work to commission in the public art arena? Need some inspiration / information / confidence to apply for large scale projects that could stretch your practice into exciting new areas both in terms of scale and concept?

Five high-profile speakers will make inspirational presentations about the various facets of craft in public art.

·         Sue Lawty is an internationally renowned tapestry artist who also works with lead, stone and other materials. She will discuss the many and varied public art projects she has undertaken, as well her major residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  (NB Sue will be running a 2-day tapestry master class at Craft in the Bay on the 16-17th June – please see the Craft in the Bay website for further details.)

·         Brigid Howarth is an established art strategy consultant with extensive experience across the cultural industries. Brigid will discuss her role as the Co-Project Director of the Museumaker programme managing a £1 million programme connecting contemporary crafts with museums and heritage centres across England resulting in 18 major craft public art commissions. Brigid will discuss the diverse Museumaker projects in detail along with the associated community engagement events. She will also highlight what makes a good application for commissions such as Museumaker.

·         Rodney Bender, iGP (Innovative Glass Products) has produced inventive architectural glass artworks and interventions to major buildings and sites across the UK and further afield. iGP also offers a unique service working with artists and other developers to realise their designs in glass. Rodney will discuss his own practice in the public art and architectural field alongside the services and processes he can offer to makers to help them realise their own projects.

·         Nathalie Camus, is the Senior Officer for Applied Arts with the Arts Council Wales (ACW). Following a major strategic review of the Arts Council of Wales, Nathalie will present the new public art strategy for Wales highlighting its key priorities, partnerships and the opportunities for makers based in Wales.

 Cost: £35 for non members, £31.50 for members and friends of the Makers Guild in Wales

 To book, please phone Craft in the Bay on 02920 484 611

Internet Strategy, Pete Moseley
12th July 2012, 11-4.30pm

Want to learn how to take advantage of the internet to promote you and your business using no-cost or low-cost options?  Are you somewhat bewildered by Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, RSS Feeds, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc?  This workshop will demystify these topics in clear and accessible language, examining the various pros and cons, and how these online tools can be put into practice as part of your marketing strategy.

·            Arts websites – the good, the bad and the ugly!

·            The use of directory and ‘aggregator’ sites – how the ‘long tail’ works

·            Blogging – and how Blogs and websites work together synergistically

·            RSS and  social bookmarking

·            The use of Google Analytics to measure traffic

·            Keyword testing techniques

·            Getting visible on Google and other search engines.

·            Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social sharing

·            Flickr, YouTube, Behance, Pinterest – and other useful social sites.

·            Email applications e.g. Constant Contact and MailChimp

·            How to set up an email database and use it effectively

·            A/B email testing, subject lines and CTA’s (calls to action)

·            Email etiquette

Pete Mosley works exclusively with artists and arts organisations. His primary focus is providing bespoke coaching and mentoring to artists and makers, either face to face or through training sessions and seminars.

Pete is a strong advocate of the internet as a powerful tool for artists and makers to market their work using traditional media such as websites and email newsletters or through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pete is also Business Editor for craft&design magazine, writing regular articles and features for the printed magazine, website and e-newsletters. He also maintains the magazine’s Facebook and Twitter presence and has grown the Twitter fanbase to over 4000 in the space of 12 months.

What to bring: a laptop, although it is fine to share one with another delegate.  Pete will bring the workshop presentation on a CD which you can take home with you.  This will enable you to follow up elements of the workshop on your own computer.  Also bring a pen and paper to make any further notes. 

Cost: £55 for non members, £49.50 for members and friends of the Makers Guild in Wales

 NB: lunch is not included, but there is an on-site cafe where you can buy food and drinks should you wish. 

 To book, please phone Craft in the Bay on 02920 484 611

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